Immunoresearch and Immunotechnology

Immunotechnology is an innovation dependent on uses of cells and atoms of the insusceptible framework. The first rate specificity of antigen-antibody interactions has caused the improvement of a spread of immunological techniques. These strategies have performed a critical role in diagnosing ailment, tracking the extent of the humoral immune response, and identifying molecules of organic or scientific hobby. Advances in immunodiagnostic innovation give the reason to creating antigen-location stages equipped for gathering stringent necessities for affectability, particularity, measure speed, power, and effortlessness. An antibody-based microarray is setting a singular proteomic generation sets a new well known for molecular profiling of non-fractionated complex proteomes.


  • Antibody Engineering & Technology
  • Novel Approaches & Technology Development
  • Nano-Immunotechnology
  • IgA Ligand
  • Affibody-Fusions
  • Immunological Assay
  • Transcriptomics & Immunodiagnostic
  • Antigen-Antibody Interactions

Related Conference of Immunoresearch and Immunotechnology

October 30-31, 2020

32nd Annual Congress on Immunology and Vaccinations

Vancouver, Canada

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